miso-yaki grilled chicken

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miso-yaki grilled chicken
wild rice, sautéed kale, sweet potato mash

Our pasture-raised chicken thigh marinated in a soy-free chickpea miso-yaki sauce and grilled. Served with wild rice, garlic sautéed kale, and sweet potato mash.

Calories 440  •  Fat 7g  •  Protein 32g  •  Carbs 64g


IngredientsSweet Potatoes, Pasture-Raised Chicken Thighs, Kale, Wild Rice, Honey, Chickpea Miso (Organic Handmade Rice Koji, Organic Whole Chickpeas, Sun-Dried Sea Salt, Blue Ridge Mountain Well Water, Koji Spores.), Coconut Aminos (Organic Coconut Tree Sap Aged And Blended With Sun-Dried, Mineral-Rich Sea Salt.), Garlic, Grapeseed Oil, Lemon Juice, Coarse Kosher Salt, Black Pepper, Rice Wine Vinegar Contains: Coconut