What you eat has a major impact on your overall health -- and our mission is to improve the health of our communities by serving healthy meals and supporting independent regional farmers. We set the standard when it comes to sourcing local, sustainable, meats and produce from our network of regional farms. We use specific growing practices and cooking methods to preserve the nutrient density of our ingredients.

Our meals taste the best because they are made with only the best ingredients. Rotational grazing and high-quality compost produce naturally healthier soil, which provides increased vitamin and mineral content in the produce and meats. In addition, a healthier plant system allows the farms to eliminate the need for harmful pesticides and chemical fertilizers. The addition of roots, bugs, worms, and other naturally-occurring proteins to their diets truly make our animals tastier. We also allow our animals to continue feeding on their mothers most of their first year of life, making our meats tastier, more nutritious, and more tender than meat from other farms. That is the Azuluna way!

Our chefs are graduates of the prestigious Johnson and Wales Culinary School and our advisory board includes the Assistant Dean of Culinary and Professor at Johnson and Wales Culinary School in Rhode Island. Our Executive Chef has won Best Plate Entree internationally, and Best Caterer of the Year and Most Innovative Chef in Connecticut.

This team of culinary professionals, supported by trained nutritional experts, uses innovative cooking techniques combined with the use of key flavor ingredients that keep our meals healthy and low in calories. Steaming, simmering, braising and roasting keep the nutrients in our meals without sacrificing flavor.

This core network and dedicated process means healthy meals that are delicious every time.

Azuluna's History

The creation of Azuluna Brands began as a unique government grant project in 2004, initiated and secured by U.S. Senators Ted Kennedy and Joe Lieberman. Awarded to the Tufts Cummings Veterinary School of Medicine, this project was to assist in expanding and growing small farms in New England, and to fulfill the late Senator Kennedy’s lifelong vision for healthcare reform, knowing the true solution to healthcare is a proper diet.

We have assembled an exceptional team of farmers, classically-trained chefs, Ph.D. , and registered dietitian-nutritionists.

Rachael LaPorte

M. Ed Culinary Expert
Executive Chef and Co-Founder

Ken Rapoport

Farmer and Co-Founder

The Kitchen Team

Dr. George Saperstein

Product Sourcing and Sustainability Advisor, Board Member

Geri Brewster

RD MPH CDN, Board Member

Tj Delle Donne

Associate Instructor & Assistant Dean, Johnson & Wales University College of Culinary Arts, Board Member