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Azuluna Paleo Plan

Azuluna’s Paleo box / offering / program mimics the diet of our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Our Paleo meals are made with lean, high protein meat raised on our pastures or those of our hand selected partner farms. Combined with fish, fruits, nuts and sustainably sourced vegetables our Paleo offers the highest level of nutrition from true, local, environmentally conscious sustainable farms.

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Do you really know where your food comes from?

Transparency with respect to where food comes from simply doesn’t exist. How are we different? At Azuluna we keep things pretty simple. Our farmers locally raise the food we produce (or source from our hand selected partner farms) and then team up with our classically trained head chef and collaboratively create meals that guarantee a nutrient dense, incredibly delicious, perfectly portioned Paleo experience.

The term Farm to Fork is now used by anybody and everybody in the food industry and can mean virtually anything. Azuluna Paleo meals are hand raised on OUR pasture’s, prepared in OUR kitchen and then shipped to you. We take pride in delivering not only delicious Paleo meals but the peace of mind that comes with finally knowing where your food is coming from.

Better farming = Better food.

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Our roots are based in science but our goal is a simple one. To increase the accessibility and benefits of fresh, healthy food to the entire community. Our farming practices and techniques reflect a commitment to that which is good for the consumer, the local economy and the environment. We firmly believe that our product is a better one because of the methods that we use and the quality of life enjoyed by our animals. Contact us for a visit to our farm!

We invite you to taste the Azuluna difference and experience true, locally sourced nutrition. Check out our seasonal menu on our homepage.