Azuluna Food Recipies

Chef Rachael from Azuluna is here to give you some tips to prepare some Paleo sides which go well with our Paleo meals.

Cocoa Date Bites


Cocoa Date Bites is a super fun and easy dish to make for Valentine's Day.

Dates Medjool: 16oz
Cocoa Powder: 4oz
Kosher Salt - Fine: 2tsp
Water: 4oz


1. Pit & destem dates.

2. Soak dates in 4 oz of water until soft and blend with whisk attachment on Kitchen Aid.

3. While dates are blending in bowl, mix 2 tsp of kosher salt into date mixture.

4. Leave bowl of mixture in a fridge for hour or until firm.

5. Scoop 1 oz balls of mixture onto parchment paper.

6. Roll balls generously in raw cocoa powder until ball is coated.

7. Lay out on parchment paper and keep refrigerated.

8. This mixture will yield 20-30 balls depending on how tightly you roll them.