Smothered Chicken, cashew “cheese” crispy bacon, green onions, celery root mash, greens

Pasture-raised skin-on chicken breast is smothered with crispy local bacon, green onions and a rich cashew “cheese” spread. Served atop celery root puree with a side of local greens.

Azuluna Foods’ cashew cheese is simple and delicious with just four ingredients: Cashew, lemon, roast garlic and nutritional yeast blended to a fine spreadable consistency. We start with whole raw cashews that are soaked in spring water for 3 hours to remove the phytic acid from the nuts. Phytic acid occurs naturally in plant seeds and is known as an “anti-nutrient”, impairing absorption of essential minerals like iron, calcium and zinc. Read what the Harvard School of Public Health says about anti-nutrients on Harvard Antinutrient Article.