Nutritious meals sourced from New England farms


Delicious Meals Every Time

Our team of farmers, chefs, and nutritionists craft restaurant-quality entrees that provide complete and balanced nutrition. Enjoy meals that improve your health and support real farmers, who grow real food, responsibly.

Good eating just got better.

Classically-Trained Chefs
Nutritionally Balanced
Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

How it Works

Responsibly Sourced Ingredients

Our team of culinary, agricultural, and nutrition specialists work together to craft healthy meals that combine lean protein, healthy fats, and slow acting carbohydrates to enhance your body’s natural ability to heal itself and function at its best.

We believe you should never sacrifice the pleasure of eating in order to eat well. We use key flavorful ingredients while blending herbs and spices, reducing the need for unnecessary fats, salt, refined sugars or carbohydrates.

We’re farmer owned, and on our farms we raise animals on pasture and woodland. Our farming practices enhance the taste of our meat and increases nutrients like collagen in chicken, making it even better for your skin, joints, and bones.

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Our Mission and Values

We aim to positively impact people’s health and our communities by providing great-tasting nutritious meals, sourced from regional farms.

  • Happy, Healthy Customers for Life
  • Integrity and Honesty at Every Step in the Process
  • Help Each Other Get Where We Want to Go