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Balancing Celebration and Sustainable Health Part 2

azuluna foods Time-Saving Meal Prep Hacks to Stay Healthy Through the Holiday Hustle

Part 2: Time-Saving Meal Prep Hacks to Stay Healthy Through the Holiday Hustle

In the heart of the holiday hustle, time becomes as coveted as the secret family recipes we cherish. To ensure you can enjoy the festivities without the frazzle, let's explore some effective time-saving strategies for holiday meal prep and cooking.

Between shopping, decorating, and social engagements, time becomes a precious commodity, and preparing holiday meals can transform from a joyous occasion into a stress-inducing task.

Start with Pre-Prepped Ideas from Azuluna

If you want to try your hand with some semi-homemade items, Azuluna has ideas for you! Embrace the semi-homemade approach to give yourself a break without sacrificing the home-cooked feel of your meals. Utilize high-quality store-bought items and give them a personal touch. Here are some semi-homemade hacks you might consider:

  • An organic rotisserie chicken can be a game-changer. Use it to create a hearty chicken chili or shred it for a quick and nutritious lettuce wrap.
  • Begin with organic frozen pizza dough, regular or gluten free, then customize it with your preferred sauce and toppings for a pizza night that’s easy, quick, and tailored to your taste.
  • Don't shy away from organic pre-chopped produce. They are perfect for roasting or adding to salads, saving you the hassle of battling with a squash.

These shortcuts are not just about cutting corners; they're about smartly allocating your efforts where they count the most, while providing quality ingredients to enjoy.

Our football bundle isn’t just for tailgating! Enjoy it as an appetizer or for a snack for all your hungry guests. 


Keep Recipes Simple and Repeat. Cook Once, Eat Twice

Consider the principle of batch cooking to streamline your meal prep. This doesn't mean eating the same meal repeatedly but preparing components that can be used in various ways throughout the week. For instance:

  • Cook a large batch of rice or quinoa at the beginning of the week. This can then serve as the foundation for different meals, from stir-fries to salads.

    Azuluna’s sides and mains are also a great way to add to or create meals with our ready to eat batches which provide 4 servings per tray.
  • Hard-boiled eggs are another versatile ingredient that can be made in bulk and used for snacks, to enhance salads, or mashed for sandwiches. Make your own, or try Azuluna’s for even more convenience! See our hard boiled, pasture raised eggs, under the snack section of our website.
  • Sheet Pan and One-Pot Meals 

    Minimize cleanup by focusing on one-dish meals. Sheet pan and one-pot recipes are not just a boon for your time but also for your taste buds, as they allow flavors to meld together beautifully. Combine a protein with seasonal vegetables on a sheet pan for an easy meal that simplifies serving and cleanup.

    And for those who own an Instant Pot, it's a perfect time to experiment. With minimal effort, you can have a delicious meal like chicken cacciatore or chickpea stew ready in no time. Order your pasture raised chicken meat box on our website to make meal prep a breeze!