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Farm Fresh Lamb Box

Farm Fresh Lamb Box

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Introducing Azuluna Farms' Farm Fresh Lamb Boxes - A Taste of Sustainable Excellence!


What's Inside:

  • 1 lb Lamb Chops
  • 1.5 lbs Lamb Stew Meat
  • 1.5 lbs Bone-in Lamb Roast

Price: $172.50

Our Katahdin lambs have been carefully selected for their exceptional quality and their ability to thrive in New England pastures. At Azuluna Farms, we're committed to sustainable land management and soil health, aligning with our lambs' natural grazing patterns through rotational grazing.

Our lambs enjoy a diverse diet of grasses, forbs, and shrubs, thanks to our strategic rotation through paddocks. This practice maintains soil fertility and encourages the growth of diverse vegetation, ensuring the well-being of both our sheep and the land. With constant movement and grazing, our lambs naturally develop leaner meat that's higher in protein and lower in fat.

It's a healthier and more sustainable choice, setting Azuluna Farm lamb products apart from the rest.

Looking for something different? We've got all kinds of cuts, even big ones like whole bellies or racks. Shoot us an email at hello@azulunafoods.com, and let's cook up something special for you!

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No, our limited-time bundles aren't available for subscription.

You can still subscribe to our Bone Broth and Chicken Box for a regular dose of Azuluna's pasture-raised goodness.

We are proud to deliver our products nationwide.

Nope. You’ll receive tracking information that automatically updates as your box makes its way to your doorstep.

Unfortunately, no, our delivery system requires a home address for delivery.




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To ensure you never go without your favorite Pasture-Raised Meat or Bone Broth, we offer a convenient subscription for weekly deliveries with a complimentary discount. You may pause, skip, or cancel your subscription at anytime-you are never locked into a contract. Additionally, you can opt-out of a subscription and purchase Meat Boxes and Bone Broth at a frequency that best suits your schedule.

We are proud to deliver our products nationwide.

Great question. We offer a split-week cycle, so you can get your orders sooner and never have to worry about missing an order deadline. Place your order Monday through Thursday for delivery the following Wednesday, and Friday through Sunday for delivery the following Friday.

Nope. You’ll receive tracking information that automatically updates as your box makes its way to your doorstep.

Unfortunately, no, our delivery system requires a home address for delivery.

After you check out, our team will email you with shipping information to track your order.

Yes, all Azuluna packaging is made from recyclable materials and are fully curbside recyclable, with the exception of the ice packs.

All nutritional information is available on the labels of Azuluna food products or at the online shop.

No, we never use hormones or antibiotics when raising Azuluna livestock. If an animal is sick and needs treatment, we remove the animal from the supply chain, ensuring it receives the necessary veterinary care. Our livestock grow at their own pace, allowing for robust, healthy animals that do not require the use of hormones.

While some meals may not contain dairy ingredients, we do not guarantee that every meal will be dairy-free.

Our animals are raised on pasture that is grown using regenerative agricultural techniques, preserving the land on which we farm and providing a high welfare environment for our livestock. To learn more, visit our Azuluna Farms website here.

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We would love for you to join our Azuluna family. In order to receive more information regarding raising livestock with Azuluna, reach out to us at info@azulunafoods.com or visit our website here.

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All Azuluna food is thoughtfully packaged using freezer packs and recyclable insulation that keep your products cool while they make their journey to your doorstep.